The Secretariat is responsible for the overall implementation of the Mechanism, including the day-to-day management, the solicitation of proposals, the review and recommendation of selected proposals, the engagement with organizations carrying out initiatives, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting to the Implementation Steering Committee.

The Secretariat is mainstreamed into the Ministry of Finance. The Secretariat is staffed with career public servants. This approach is consistent with the Accra Agenda for Action and Paris Declaration on the use of the country systems and demonstrates government ownership.

Ministry of Finance (MOF)
MOF plays a key role in the flow of funds from CIDA to the CDM. This includes working with the Implementation Steering Committee, the Secretariat, and other players such as the Ghana Audit Service to ensure that the required documentation is assembled for submitting requests to CIDA for funds.

MOF also ensures that funds are transferred to the appropriate accounts for the Secretariat’s operations as well as for the beneficiary organizations of the capacity development initiatives under the pilot.

Ghana Audit Service (GAS) 
The Ghana Audit Service is required to undertake all financial audits of the Mechanism to ensure conformity with the requirements in the Financial Administration Act (Act 654).

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