Office of the Head of the Civil Service

Purpose of the Initiative

The objective of the initiative is to reposition the OHCS to carry out various national agenda set by the government with regard to productivity issues. Building the institution Strengthen the institutional capacity of OHCS as a Central Management Agency and Leader of the Civil Service nal capacity of the OHCS and the Civil Service at large;

Capacity Development Activities

The key Capacity Development activities for implementation include the following:

  1. Refocus on the mandate and structure of the Civil Service;
  2. Improve the operational procedures and standards of the Service;
  3. Improve the managerial competences of the core operators and leadership of the Service;
  4. Use of IT effectively in communication and work delivery in conformity with the Government e-governance project;
  5. Build the capacity of the Civil Service training institutions to deliver on training of the middle level professionals and the private sector at large;
  6. Improve competence in public-private partnership;
  7. Provide a conducive environment for the safety and storage of National Archives.

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