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Knowledge and Experience Sharing Workshop ends

THE Chairperson of the Implementation Steering Committee of the Capacity Development Mechanism (CDM), Mrs. Bridget Katsriku, has encouraged the government to adopt the mechanism in all public sector institutions to ensure effective service delivery and accountability.

According to her, the CDM pilot project, started in 2012, was a joint effort of the government of Ghana and the Department of Foreign Affairs Trade and Development by which funds would be made available to public sector agencies and institutions to develop and implement programmes in capacity building, and afterwards assessed for impact made to help eradicate corruption and inefficiency in the public service.

Mrs. Katsriku, said this at a two-day workshop organised for 16 beneficiary organisations which received funding for the implementation of CDM programmes in their agencies and institutions.
The beneficiary agencies and institutions were classified under three categories- ministries, department and agencies, subverted agencies and central management agencies, including the Office of the President, Ghana India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence, Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), Ministry of Finance, Environmental Protection Agency, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection and the National Development Planning Commission.

The workshop was to share knowledge and experiences gained from the implementation of the CDM activities and programmes in the past three years, by the beneficiary organisations.

It was also to enable the members of the CDM to assess implementation by the beneficiaries, take stock of the challenges, discuss common approaches to address them and ascertain ways to facilitate the development of a strategy to mainstream the mechanism into the public service.

Mrs. Katsriku noted that the public sector, for some time now, had come under criticisms because most funds acquired for projects had either not been used for their intended purposes, or had been misused.

She explained further that the programme was piloted to ascertain whether it could help remove the public sector out of those criticisms, adding that the pilot programme had shown positive indicators that it could deliver the public sector from corruption and low efficiency, since beneficiaries were assessed and made to account for how the funds given to them had been used.

She added that the CDM was a different approach with the best standards, and must be implemented in all government agencies and institutions to ensure that tangible and realistic goals were achieved.
The Head of Communication, of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Madam Helen Asamoah, on her part, indicated that the CDM had helped her outfit to acquire and install a wide area network where platforms had been created for the application of EPA Permits to be processed on line.

She revealed that people no longer needed to travel to the head office to process EPA permits because the time spent for the acquisition had been reduced, adding that those were as a result of the CDM programmes that were implemented to build their capacity, and also to equip them with the technical know-how to create such platforms for their clients.

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