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Pre-Knowledge and Experience Sharing Training Workshop

The CDM secretariat organized a-one-day training workshop for the Government of Ghana Capacity Development Mechanism (CDM) beneficiary organisations’ coordinators and their assistants. The workshop which was held in the conference room of the Ministry of Finance on Tuesday, 21st April, 2015 was aimed at presenting the template for the preparation and presentation of knowledge and experiences acquired during the implementation of their respective CDM initiatives at the forth coming Knowledge and Experience Sharing Workshop which is scheduled to take place at Capital View Hotel, Koforidua from 4th to 5th May, 2015.

At the workshop, the Coordinator, Mr. Louis Amo, harped upon the importance of the forthcoming Knowledge and Experience Sharing Workshop in eliciting valuable information on the achievements challenges and lessons learned that would go a long way in shaping the future of the CDM especially as we strive towards institutionalizing the CDM across the public services. He noted that the one-day workshop is part of efforts to ensure that the desired results for the Knowledge and Experience Sharing Workshop are achieved.

He also indicated that sanctions and rewards exist in the framework of the CDM for poor and excellent performances respectively. It was noted further that the sanctions aspect had been applied severally against some organizations while the rewards had been minimally applied. He, informed the participants that the Implementation Steering Committee of the CDM agreed at its 13th and 14th meetings to reward six (6) best performing beneficiary organizations (BPBOs) and that the presentations by the respective organizations at the forthcoming workshop were going to be used as part of the process for selecting the beneficiaries of the awards.

Thus, to facilitate the assessment of the individual organization’s performance, it was important to provide a common platform in the form of the presentation template.

Dr. Nancy Drost, the CDM Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant, presented the template and explained the strategy to be used to package the report. She indicated that due to brevity of time allotted for the presentation, it should cover three major achievements, challenges, lessons learnt and best practices.

Detailed below is the template for the presentation

• Achievement 1
• Achievement 2
• Achievement 3
• Challenges
• Lessons learnt
• CDM best practices

In his concluding remarks, The Coordinator encouraged the participants to work hard to ensure that their presentations meet the requirements as specified in the template.

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