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Public Procurement Officers across the Public Service receive two-day training in Procurement Procedures and Contract Management

More than one hundred and four staff of the Public service underwent a two-day training in Procurement Procedure and Contract Management from September 9th to 10th and 11th to 12th December, 2014 at the Civil service training centre in Accra.

The two-day workshop was organised by Government of Ghana Capacity Development Mechanism (CDM) to equip and update the knowledge of staff from the procurement, stores, central administration, account and other departments with current trends in that field. This is one of a series of training organised by CDM for staff the year, 2014.

The two facilitators who trained the staff, took participants through introduction to procurement, procurement procedures/structures, understanding the various procurement methods, overview of the procurement cycle, procurement planning and introduction to technical specifications on the first day.

On day two, participants were also taken through introduction to standard tender documents, tendering process, evaluation of tender proposals, preparation of evaluation reports, understanding the contractual terms and contract management.

Although the workshop was quite technical in nature, every session was very interactive with very practical examples and simulation exercises. Staff who had some doubts and challenges as to some procurement procedures were given further explanation.

According to the CDM coordinator Mr. Louis Amo, Management deemed it necessary to update the skills of staff in public procurement to enable them perform well at work. He was happy that the workshop was very interactive. She expressed satisfaction at the zeal with which participants took their test at the end of the workshop, adding that staff should update their skills to correct what they did not know in their fields for better service delivery to the public. He thanked the two facilitators on behalf of Management for a good work done during their two-day stay with the staff.

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