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Validation Workshop on the Rolling Out of the MoGCSP Restructuring Process


The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP) was created by an Executive Instrument (E.I.), 2013 as a successor to the Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs established in January, 2001 by Executive Instrument 8.


Following the creation of the new Ministry, its mandate has been expanded to include social protection and addressing vulnerability and excluded in society. The Ministry therefore initiates, coordinates and formulates policies to promote gender equity and equality, mainstream gender issues into sectoral plans and strategies, promote the survival and development of children, as well as harmonize social protection interventions to better target the vulnerable and excluded and persons with disability and integrate fulfillment of their rights, empowerment and full participation into national development.


To adequately position itself with its new mandate, it is necessary to initiate processes for this change in mandate and hence the need for its restructuring. In this direction, the Ministry with support from Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) under the Capacity Development Management (CDM) Project engaged the Management Service Department (MSD) under the Office of Head of Civil Service to provide technical support towards restructuring.


2.0     PHASE I

The MSD completed the first phase of the assignment at the Ministry’s Headquarters and developed the following;

  • An Organizational and Management reports (new structure of the Ministry),
  • Establishment Schedule, and
  • Organizational Manual (Job description of post holders).

To promote broader consultations, engage and build consensus among staff of the Ministry, relevant Stakeholders and Development Partners, the Ministry planned and organized a 3-day technical working session at the Volta Hotel, Akosombo in the Eastern Region to discuss the restructuring draft documents produced by the MSD as well as strategies to facilitate effective implementation of the restructuring initiatives.Final reports on the above documents for the main Ministry had been fine-tuned and submitted to the Ministry after the Akosombo workshop.


2.01   PHASE II

The second phase of the assignment as per MSD’s technical proposal and the Akosomboroad map began with an organization analysis of the three (3) Secretariats of the Ministry. The aim was to recommend the appropriate Organizational and Management arrangement and the development of Organizational Manual to aid these Secretariats institute systems and procedure for work performance. The phase two also included reorganization of the three (3) Departments of the Ministry, i.e. the Department of Gender, the Department of Children and the Department of Social Development.

As part of the methodology, field exercises were undertaken at five (5) sampled regions to ascertain the two way flow of work between the National office, Regional offices of the Departments of Gender, Childrenand Social Welfare and District offices of the Department of Social Welfare.

In the light of the activities of Phase II, MSD has produced and submitted the under listed documents to the Ministry:

  1. Organizational and Management Arrangement reports for
    1. Department of Children
    2. Department of Gender
  • Department of Social Development
  1. Domestic Violence Secretariat
  2. National Council of Persons with Disability
  3. Human Trafficking Secretariat
  1. Organizational Manual on the three (3) Secretariats under the Ministry, and
  2. A revised Scheme of Service for the Programme Class of the Department of Gender and the Department of Children.

3.0     NEXT STEP

The final phase of the assignment is a rolling out workshop with key staff of the Ministry, Departments and Secretariat to validate the reports and their adoption for use.

In view of this, we are proposing for a validation workshop for 30 staff of the Ministry as follows;


DATE: Monday, 8th to Wednesday, 11th February, 2015

VENUE: Capital View, Koforidua, Eastern Region.



The objectives of the workshop is to


  1. Validate the draft restructuring documents for the Secretariats and Departments from the MSD.
  2. Maximize involvement of key staff of MOGCSP and Stakeholders in the restructuring process of MOGCSP.
  3. Build understanding of the restructuring process.
  4. Clarify the overall new mandate of the Ministry as it relates to the restructuring plan and
  5. Promote effective Team Building required to facilitate the change process of the MOGCSP.



Participants are drawn from the Ministry’s Headquarters, Departments, Secretariats, Regional Offices and District Offices of the Ministry as well as some department partners. A total of 40 Participants are expected.



The workshop would be facilitated by officers for MSD and the Ministry of Local Government and Rural and Development.


3.04.  FUNDING

The workshop would be funded under the Capacity Development Mechanism (CDM) support.

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